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Mar 2 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

My son, Harry

My son Harry is 8 years old and wears hearing aids in both ears. He is profoundly deaf in the right ear and has severe/moderate hearing levels in the other ear, ranging from 60 decibels for the low frequencies then a steady upward rise to a mild hearing loss for the higher frequencies. This means that in his natural “good” ear, he struggles to hear low sounds, such as men’s voices, and has difficulty with localising sounds too. Genetics play a huge part of this as his father has waardenburg syndrome, which is one of the most common genetic reasons for deafness as it is passed down. The formalities of his hearing levels were realised after his glue ear operation at 3 years old and the left ear makes a very gradual decline over the years too.

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Dec 28 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

My composition using the Arabic music system and Sign Language

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Dec 2 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

The Unheard World – Next stop Fabrica Gallery, Brighton 6/12/17

Ruth Montgomery (flute) with Eloise Garland, Helen Sanders-Hewett, Tom Leate and James Greenfield

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Dec 1 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Audiovisability in Shape Arts Blog! 1st Dec 2017

Interview by Marcus Gordon

Blossom by Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings Textile-music composition

Shape speaks to Ruth Montgomery, Creative Director of deaf-led arts project Audiovisability, to find out more about their upcoming performance showcase “The Unheard World”.

Shape: We’re delighted that Audiovisability’s new showcase “The Unheard World” will be at Brighton’s Fabrica on 6 December! Could you tell us how you first developed ideas for Audiovisability, and the notions behind the showcase’s name?
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Nov 4 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Mission to Launch! With The City of London Sinfonia Orchestra

As the doors opened to communities across market towns the length and breadth of Essex and Suffolk during October half-term week; many children, babies, parents and carers sat on the colourful mats, cushions and chairs to settle down for the “Mission to Launch” performances by the City of London Sinfonia as part of their Lullaby Concert Series.

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Nov 1 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Audiovisability The Unheard World review:

Live painting and sign language of ‘Dance’ from Stories of Syria Image by Gadsden-Hayton

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Oct 4 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

The Unheard World – A project by Audiovisability

Oct 4 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Visual Vernacular and Music

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Sep 4 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

British Sign Language and music

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Mar 23 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Celebrating Pupil Success

Real life stories shared to family and friends on social media (facebook/Instagram).
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