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Mar 23 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Celebrating Pupil Success

I am very lucky to be enjoying a flourishing flute teaching career where I have a private studio in Essex.

I worked for Essex Music Services for nearly 8 years (in all sorts of situations – one to one, group teaching, recorder, flute, and theory) and had 60 individual hearing students to teach in a week too.  I also worked at Mary Hare Schools for Deaf children doing music teaching, for a combination of 4 years work there – both in primary and secondary school which I enjoyed very much.   These places have provided me with a wealth of experience, and I am also familiar with many individual’s challenges too, I am passionate about finding ways to make performing music accessible for them, whether they may have asthma, dyslexia, sight and mobility challenges.

To date, I have entered over 200 students for ABRSM exams with a 100% success rate.  They also take part in competitions and play in school orchestras/ensembles etc.

I enjoy working with beginners, because they come to me with readiness to learn.  I work on laying very solid foundations with them to make sure that everything is understood about music – pulse, rhythms, reading notations, playing, posture, tone etc.  This gives them the security to progress and by the time they are at grades 6,7,8 – they know the drill and can play anything they’d like.  I have been amazed that a lot of my students earn distinction in the higher grades at that level (and in all levels too!)

I am now focusing on many exciting freelance projects at the moment, but private teaching on Saturdays remains.  I celebrate my students for all their hard work and commitment, I follow their journey of highs and lows too.

Here are some recent photos from my facebook/instagram account, I upload them for families/students to share and above all – they are real life stories.















































































































Dec 8 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

In British Deaf News #TBT

First published in British Deaf News October 2015 – Questions & Answers

Ruth Montgomery

She’s been profoundly deaf from birth, but with her knowledge and understanding of music plus with her analogue hearing aids she has forged a career as a professional musician, teacher, visual artist and creative powerhouse
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Aug 9 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

The FORTE Ensemble

Latest news from Music and the Deaf
It was a honour to be involved with Music and the Deaf’s pilot project funded by Arts Council England on tour with other deaf musicians – Eloise Garland (Voice), Sean Chandler (Cornet) and Danny Lane (Piano).
We performed at the House of Lords for Decibel’s Year of Sound, up to Newcastle at the Sage, and finally at Kings Place in London.

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Nov 8 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Amazing Budapest

It was a honour to be invited to perform on my flute at the ‘World Music Day’ in Budapest, Hungary and also to meet 15 talented young musicians and staff involved in the concert in their music project entitled “Tuned to Each Other”.

The concert was held on the 1st October 2015 in the evening at the grand setting of the Nador Terem Palatine Hall, which showcased a typically Hungarian Art Nouveau interior with a touch of “Viennese style” to it. The heavy chandeliers filled the room with a soft warm glow providing us with the perfect setting for the event.

Other special guests included the famous Hungarian pianist Tamás Érdi who was a former pupil of the blind school and the President of the Hungarian Republic Mr. Janos Ader’s wife Mrs Anita Herczegh who was the patron of the concert.  My trip was made possible by the UK charity Decibels and Specialkidz International who kindly supported me in taking part in the concert and leading music workshops.
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Aug 29 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Festival Clin d’Oeil, France

Attracting more than 4,000 festival goers from all over the world, attendees including myself travelled to the Clin d’Oeil which is the largest Deaf festival in Europe celebrating the richness and diversity of the arts in Deaf Culture held on the 2nd – 5th July 2015 in Reims, France.

Browsing through the exciting festival brochure, it promises a multidisciplinary and multilingual program promoting D/deaf artists worldwide.  With the support of local authorities in Reims as well as partnerships in wider circles; its 1st edition began in 2003 and is held biannually. CineSourds organises the Festival Clin d’Oeil and has become famous because of the artistic quality it demands in many fields: drama, films, shows, dance, exhibitions and concerts. 

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Jun 23 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Raising the Bar

Sunday 24th and Monday 25th May 2015 saw the first ever ‘Raising the Bar’ event held at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre (REP) for young deaf people with exceptional skills in music and dance.  A huge nationwide competition was held to select participants.  Six musicians and six dancers between 8 – 16 years old were chosen through a tough selection process which involved submitting an audition video along with a written application form to win an opportunity to showcase their talents, meet like-minded peers and learn from music and dance professionals currently working in the arts industry.

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Feb 18 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Flute teaching

It is quite normal for me to repeat myself and then to see surprised reactions when people learn that I am a flute teacher.  A ‘deaf’ flute teacher.  No, wait for it – a profoundly deaf flute teacher actually. read more…

Dec 14 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Silent Night with Nadia Nadarajah


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Nov 28 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Residency and live performance for Dada Festival/Syndrome in Liverpool

DADA Performance Rough cut from davelynch on Vimeo.

Residency and live performance for Dada festival / Syndrome in Liverpool

Taking place at the Bluecoat, the space was set up with a large central screen, an electric piano keyboard to the left and a condenser microphone to the centre right. Off to the side of the space, the Frozen Music Collective set up their equipment and computer, and in the central part of the stage was a bass woofer surrounded by a scaffold set up for a cymatics experiment; the study of visible sound co-vibration.

The performances began with Ruth Montgomery, who played a beautifully delicate and impressively dexterous improvisation on the flute. Towards the end of this piece, other technological sounds began to interweave with her playing; a low hum and other random non-musical sounds such as a low level theremin which, for lack of a better description, created a sense of pure science fiction. read more…

Nov 9 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

With artist Christopher Sacre

In 2010 Contemporary visual artist Christopher Sacre came up with an extraordinary idea when he created 2,000 babies in 22 days simply made from condoms and plaster.  The liquid plaster is basically poured into the condom and when it dries, the latex is peeled and sawed off at the knotted end giving it a stable, flat base. It looks like a smooth white concrete light bulb with a pointy teat sticking out, each one at a slightly different angle. Sacre then laid 2,000 ‘babies’ (as he lovingly calls them) on the floor creating a powerful and visually stunning display of sculptural art forms which brought up all sorts of ideas and theories about ‘life’.

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