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music and visual arts – with professional artists and musicians, deaf students come to observe the exciting live performance


. Ruth runs music workshops in schools, communities and for various organisations.  Her particular strength is bringing everyone together, and has a specialism in making activities quick and easily understood to deaf children/adults.

Please see link to one example of work/activity that I do:

Music in Pictures

With over 15 years of experience – workshops can be tailor made for day events, short/long term projects, introduction to music, or music working with visual arts.  I’ve created performance show-case events.  I am very happy to work within the school’s curriculum.   I also give talks and flute  performances.  Children are given an opportunity to see real notation and compose their own music!  Please contact me to discuss ideas.


Ruth uses speech, British Sign Language, Sign Supported English, Makaton, visual aids.  Ruth has also worked with special needs, blind and deaf blind children.

Another blog post Ruth has written is about the benefits of music in the Early Years:

Music in the Early Years


The Art of Music workshop: Pupils painted and produced pictures of what they felt about the music of ‘Aspects of a Landscape’ by Paul Reade played by myself on the flute

Music workshop for young children and parents
CODPUK Children of Deaf Parents UK event

The Art of Music workshop at an adult evening class
Composers and musicians on the topic of shapes and colours

Music workshop at the Lyceum Theatre on the theme of Lion King with Mousetrap and Handprint team.

Youth Music and Action Dog project with young deaf and hearing teenagers from Elephant and Castle, London. We held a concert at the Africa Centre, Covent Gardens

music and composition workshop for adults with physical and learning challenges

Flute workshop: analysing flute pieces and imaginary