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Mar 30 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

A Perfect Country: Diversity and Inclusion

Image by Emma Amsden, Deaf Photographer, UK

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic within the Cultural and Creative sector at the moment. Here are my thoughts below what I think a ‘Perfect County’ is.

A perfect country is where deaf and disabled people in general are top level consultants for politics, public services, transport, architecture and infrastructure design and so forth. These kinds of positions require input, problem solving, analysis and personal experiences from deaf and disabled people themselves. Only this way can they fully meet the needs of deaf and disabled people.

A perfect country would be where deaf and disabled people are fully involved and integrated in media and mainstream arts. The Arts, including television and film, are a wonderful way to showcase a range of our creative abilities and skills. In doing so that gives us confidence, self-esteem, good working relationships, ownership, pride and knowledge. We dispel any myths and create positive ripple effects on others. The wider world will be made aware of our existence and contribution to society.

With the involvement of deaf and disabled educators in other professional fields, the practice of teachers, scientists, health professionals, engineers and policy makers generally would be improved. The experience, resourcefulness and insights of the deaf and disabled would shape better policy and practice making for a more inclusive and compassionate way of doing things and help create the society I would like to live in.

Ruth Montgomery March 2018

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