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Mar 23 / Ruth Montgomery blogspot

Celebrating Pupil Success

Real life stories shared to family and friends on social media (facebook/Instagram).
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I am very lucky to be enjoying a flourishing flute teaching career where I have a private studio in Essex.

I worked for Essex Music Services for nearly 8 years (in all sorts of situations – one to one, group teaching, recorder, flute, and theory) and had 60 individual hearing students to teach in a week too.  I also worked at Mary Hare Schools for Deaf children doing music teaching, for a combination of 4 years work there – both in primary and secondary school which I enjoyed very much.   These places have provided me with a wealth of experience, and I am also familiar with many individual’s challenges too, I am passionate about finding ways to make performing music accessible for them, whether they may have asthma, deafness dyslexia, sight, learning and mobility challenges.

To date, I have entered over 200 students for ABRSM exams with a 100% success rate.  They also take part in competitions and play in school orchestras/ensembles etc.

I enjoy working with beginners, because they come to me with readiness to learn.  I work on laying very solid foundations with them to make sure that everything is understood about music – pulse, rhythms, reading notations, playing, posture, tone etc.  This gives them the security to progress and by the time they are at grades 6,7,8 – they know the drill and can play anything they’d like.  I have been amazed that a lot of my students earn distinction in the higher grades at that level (and in all levels too!)

I am now focusing on many exciting freelance projects at the moment, but private teaching on Saturdays remains.  I celebrate my students for all their hard work and commitment, I follow their journey of highs and lows too.

Here are some recent photos from my facebook/instagram account, I upload them for families/students to share and above all – they are real life stories too.

Picture in right: My student was selected to take part in the Essex Young Musician’s Finals 2016 (aged 14) By the Rotary club




















































































































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